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Sedation Dentistry is a safe and simple way to significantly reduce or eliminate fear and anxiety at the dentist. Relaxation or Sedation Dentistry refers to the way a dentist can manage pain and anxiety during dental appointments. Sedation Dental technology helps eliminate the anxieties that people feel at the dental office and virtually eliminates the pain associated with most dental procedures.


Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas, can be used to relax our patients during routine dental procedures. It is highly effective in the management of mild to moderate levels of dental anxiety. It also is an excellent technique in persons who are extreme gaggers; laughing gas usually eliminates or minimizes gagging in most patients. Laughing gas is safe for most patients and the effect wears off in just a few minutes while you’re in the dental chair. This means you can drive from your appointment and have no problem returning to work the same day.


Oral Conscious Sedation is a drug-induced state of consciousness to reduce fear and anxiety. Oftentimes sedation drugs are used in conjunction with laughing gas to achieve deep relaxation. A discussion with the doctor concerning your medical history and current medications is done to determine whether you are a candidate for oral sedation. To achieve a state of sedation the dentist gives you prescriptions for oral medications that you will take on your appointment day. These medications allow the patient to become relaxed and have little to no recollection of the procedures after the medication wears off. Your ability to act and function normally returns when the effects of the sedative wear off in several hours. For oral sedation patients we require that you arrange to have a companion bring you to and from the dental office and you will need to rest until the sedatives wear off.


Studies show that essential oils such as lavender help us feel clam and can even induce a sleepy state. We use essential oil diffusers in our treatment rooms to help create a soothing environment and pleasant aroma.


Our patients love a moistened hot towel at the end of each visit! Our individually packaged heated towels come in lavender or lemon scents to help your face feel soothed and clean after your dental visit.